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When Warren Buffett sits on his front porch of the same home he’s lived in his entire adult life, he can watch an enormous variation of weather roll by. If you go to Nebraska for an HVAC education, it doesn’t matter which of the Nebraska HVAC schools you go to, you’re going to get an intense education to help train you to prepare to fight the onslaught of weather that comes from the skies in Nebraska.

In addition to the regular weather the rest of the country faces, being one of the plain states Nebraska also has to be prepared to face tornadoes as well as severe flooding from time to time. In the wintertime on the plains of Nebraska there can be piles of snow and biting cold winter temperatures along with strong winds. The fact that there are no mountains around to block the wind certainly doesn’t help any either.

In the summer time, while it may not be as hot as the southwest, Nebraska can still get up into the 90s and beyond on certain days, which is going to need a good, strong AC system. The state of Nebraska has been dumping an enormous amount of money into building up high tech in the state. If there’s any technology involved at all, then indoor climate control becomes a necessity. This is why there’s some opportunities available for those that are trained in HVAC technology to work on high tech buildings on high-end climate control systems, which not only regulate the temperature but are also required to regulate the humidity. Without that type of set up, computers tend to fail on a very regular basis. If the temperature gets a little bit too hot, if the humidity gets too high, and even if the humidity gets too low-

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